Small Lightweight Camper Trailers for Adventure and fun with full functionality

Weiscraft Makes Lightweight Camper Trailers for Fun and Functionality

Marty Weis is the designer behind the Weiscraft Brand. He creates unique, fun, functional and practical lightweight camper trailers. Marty loves to make his campers do a lot of things in a small space while retaining the essential comforts and necessities campers want. The Little Joe model and the Roughneck both offer a combination of those things, but in different ways. Little Joe is more conventional while the Roughneck is for the adventuring, hiking, biking, climbing and kayaking folks. Marty has been making these super light weight campers for years, and when the green revolution came along, his products were a perfect fit. A new hybrid compact vehicle can pull these campers, making the carbon footprint very light indeed. Weiscraft products benefit both the planet and the pocketbook.

The Little Joe Camper Trailer is the smaller version of many larger RVs, with all the ammenities needed for a fun time traveling and touring the country. Comfort meets function with this camper. It can be pulled with a compact vehicle or car, and is comprised of a smooth, molded, fiberglass body on a lightweight, rugged steel frame. Inside the Little Joe is a fully functional stove, sink, table, ice box or optional 3-way refrigerator, seating area and it all becomes a spacious sleeping area for 2 people after moving just a few things around. Find your camping spot, fold out the awning and watch the sunset. Little Joe is ideal for a couple who love small, compact campers which are easy to park, plug-in and enjoy. It's a little home away from home, and very well organized!

Camping in a lightweight trailer shouldn't be too comfortable should it? Really that is a matter of personal opinion, but in the case of Little Joe's interior the comfort, convenience and practical usability just says it all. The table is easily removed and stowed away, while the cushons are placed over the folding bench to make a spacious bed (see the other interior picture below). This model comes with a porta potty, or the more luxurious model comes with a shower/toilet combination.

Little Joe weighs in at 1,100 lbs empty (GVWR: 2,999LBS, CCC: 1,899LBS, HITCH WEIGHT: 180LBS). Exterior walls and roof are made of durable fiberglass. The primary insulation is spun fiberglass, and the underbelly is also fiberglass with fabric interior walls. The floor is vinyl, the winow coverings are fabric and options include an awning, AC unit, microwave and portable furnace. You can make this lightweight camper as luxurious as you desire, and even with all the extras the price is still very reasonable. In fact, Weiscraft light weight campers fit right into the green revolution's call for lighter and more economical creations. Marty makes his campers so light they can be pulled even with a hybrid compact vehicle.

Here is the Roughneck, which is another kind of animal. As you can easily see, the Roughneck is really a utilitarian unit. Built tough and rugged, this lightweight camper, cargo trailer and sports oriented carry-all will be the basecamp for hardy adventurers from coast to coast, north and south. Inside while moving, the rear compartment is the storage area for all the food, tents and gear. Bikes, kayaks, canoes or whatever can sit on top. After that spot is found, the rear is unloaded and becomes the cozy sleeping quarters for weary hunters, hikers, climbers and fishermen needing a rest. There are some improvements in the works for the Roughneck including a rear mounted and easily assembled tent cover that will attach to the rear of the unit. Marty never stops making these campers better.

With the Roughneck, everything has a place, and there is a place for everything. Well planned inner space makes this unit very useful for those who really want to achieve things in the great outdoors. Want a steak? Just fire up the gas grill that is mounted on the towing assembly. The Roughneck is a lightweight trailer camper that can be towed with a compact car, jeep or SUV. It is 9 feet long, 5 feet 3 inches wide, 3 feet tall and has 2 windows. Roughneck rides on 2,000 pound axels. Imagine yourself hooking up to this most capable RV freedom machine, heading out to Moab, Yosemite or Yellowstone. How about the campgrounds at the Grand Canyon's south rim? The adventuring possibilities are endless. It comes with an optional extra spare tire, BBQ, tire carrier and roof rack for equipment. Many young couples will fall in love with the Roughneck.

Weiscraft Trailers manufactures other units as well, including the Guardian, Firefli and Ponderosa models. See all the compact campers at Marty and his crew can be reached by phone at 303-947-2351 or by email at Marty Weis makes things that work and that make sense, and these campers are very economical to own, especially when compared to their bigger brothers in the RV Camper Industry. Even better is the way these units fit into the eco-friendly priorities of our times. These light weight trailers as as earth friendly as they can be. If you love comfort, convenience, economy and utility then Weiscraft may have a lightweight camper trailer of interest to you.

Inside the Little Joe
Inside the Little Joe with the Bed All Made
Another View inside the Roughneck
Another View inside the Roughneck
Another Angle outside the Roughneck
Roughneck's Back Side View

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